Drain Rooter & Grease Trap Service

Plumbing is found in every home and building, regardless if you have a septic system or are on city sewer. With that comes the potential for the drain lines to clog/plug up. There are various reasons for drain lines to clog/plug up. Roots tend to be at the top of the list. Other causes are build-up of paper, waste, grease, soap scum or a shifted or collapsed line.

Affordable Waste Services and our knowledgeable team members will be able to help you with any of your drain clogging/plugged and or grease trap issues.

As a restaurant owner grease can be your nemesis! Afford-A-Rooter can help keep your business up and running with proper maintenance of your grease trap. Maintaining your grease trap helps prevent sewer back-ups that cause downtime and loss of revenue. Afford-A-Rooter can inspect your grease trap and set up a maintenance schedule for you.

At Afford-A-Rooter, we have all of the equipment and knowledgeable team members to handle these problems. Our high pressure water jetter can break up and flush out these clogs. We also have a variety of cable machines with different cutters to clean out roots and build-up. Our sewer camera can locate the problem areas and determine if your line needs to be repaired or replaced. As for other clogged/plugged lines such as downspouts, drainage lines or garage lines, we can handle that too!

Call us today if you are experiencing a bad smell, clogged/plugged drain line or back-up, Affordable Waste Services can help!! You are also welcome to submit a work request at the top of the page and a valued team member will contact you promptly! We look forward to hearing from you!!

  • Drain Rooter service
  • Sewer Jetting
  • Sewer Camera Inspection
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Grease trap servicing
  • Minor septic and drain line repair

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