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With the new state laws changing, the Ohio Department of Health is implementing stricter regulations on any sewage treatment systems (AKA, Mini Wastewater Treatment Plants/ Septic system). You as the consumer will see these stricter regulations affect you in the near future. Please refer to the Ohio Department of Health’s website, and click on Our Programs tab and look under Sewage Treatment Systems for further information.

Affordable Waste Services offers many services for your septic needs such as locating your septic system (by various methods), digging (up to a certain depth), cleaning and servicing your septic system, cleaning various aeration systems (such as Jet, Norweco, Nayadic, Multi-Flo and OldHam), Aeration maintenance contracts, supplying bacteria, septic inspections, and doing minor repairs and installs if needed.

We are equipped to locate your septic system by a few different methods, using probing rods, electronic locating and or using our sewer camera. When locating your septic system, we ask that you call OOPS (Dial 811) first to locate all utility lines- gas, water, cable, etc. The reason for this is so that our probing rods do not puncture any of your lines. If you do not want to do that or it is an emergency, no problem, we can use our sewer camera to locate your system or our electronic locator when possible.

Typically depending on the age and or number of bedrooms in your home, you will need to service/clean your septic system every 3-5 years. There are various septic systems (Jet, Norweco, Nayadic, Multi-Flo and Old Ham) that may require additional services sooner.

If you are experiencing a bad smell/odor, have a back-up in your home, have an alarm going off, need your system serviced or cleaned, for maintenance, or are selling your home and need an inspection of your septic system, call us! We look forward to hearing from you!

Septic Services:

  • Septic tank cleaning
  • Aeration System Cleaning and Service
    Jet | Norweco | Nayadic | Multi-flo | Old Ham
  • Septic tank locating
  • Electronic locate services
  • Aeration Service Contracts(see below)
  • Septic Inspections
  • Sewer Camera Inspection
  • Minor septic and drain line repair

Missing Effluent Baffle Inspection
New Distribution Box Install
Riser Install

Aeration Service Contracts

What is included in the contract?

Two service's per year at six month intervals. One of these services will include the cleaning of an upflow gravel filter or B.A.T. Media, if applicable. Each service will include the following:

  • Inspection and cleaning of Aerator motor
  • Inspection of electrical fittings
  • Inspection of lids and risers
  • Inspection of vent tube
  • Inspection and cleaning of shaft
  • Inspection of diffuser and aspirator
  • Inspection of scum and sludge levels
  • Inspection of all accessories
    • Media device
    • Filters
    • Leaching
    • Lift station
    • Chlorinator
    • Control center/timer (if accessible)

Inspection of the overall condition and operation of the Aeration System.

"With a Gold Service Contract you get 5% off your Aeration cleanings and with a Platinum Service Contract you get 10% off your Aeration cleanings. You will also receive the same discounts for drain cleaning work performed by Afford-A-Rooter Drain Cleaning!

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